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The art I create in my studio is a consequence of my faith, what I feel, and what flows from my heart as I paint. I really adore the word 'heartwork' - apart from the slight reference to my surname, I think this word captures my process perfectly; I use beautiful colour harmonies to create emotive artworks from the heart that allow you to reflect on your own story, to finish the train of thought, to remember a time or place, and to explore and feel the emotions they instill. Artworks that are relatable and evoke a sense of calm, that force you to exhale...and bring you hope.

Apart from here, my work can be found for sale at my online art galleries, Bluethumb and Art Lovers Australia, as well as in store/online at Rose St Trading Co in Melbourne. I also have gallery representation and work available through Aspire Gallery in Brisbane, and finally, a Limited Print Collection available through Artist Lane, The Block Shop, and Temple and Webster. Lots of options!

I have been fortunate to gather collectors from all over the world, have had my work featured in Grand Designs Australia magazine, and consider it a privilege to "...capture light, and paint hope" for others.

Feel free to browse my Sold Gallery and get in touch if you'd like to discuss a commission. Otherwise, I'm so grateful you've found me here. I truly do hope you find that special piece to encourage and inspire you...something that speaks to you, calls your name, that you'll want to give a forever home to.

Much love and light...

- Sharon




Hi there and welcome! Thanks for stopping by. I'm an expressive palette knife artist based in Canberra, Australia, not far from the South Coast, which is my all time favourite place to be. And yes, 'art' is actually the last part of my surname! Being an artist was destined to be. I have a home studio which I wander in and out of most days, amongst the busy life and challenges of being wife to my childhood sweetheart and mum to three beautiful children. I had been working as an Interior Designer and Colour Consultant up until 2018 but after some health issues, returned to my love of painting as a form of Physio, and haven't put the palette knife down since!

Influences emerge from my love of all things sea, land and sky. I have views to the Brindabella ranges and a protected reserve within walking distance so am constantly inspired by trees, mountain ranges, beautiful sunsets and cloud formations. My absolute passion though is the coast and I love gaining inspiration from lush headlands and breezy shorelines, and the light that refracts through moody clouds and coastal waters.

Scenic roadtrips to the coast and my hometown of Wagga Wagga are also a huge inspiration for my roadscapes, often with my signature pink road (I love pink!). My figurative seascapes capturing precious moments between families and loved ones are also inspired by many coastal holidays and resonate with many. They never last long!


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