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The art I create in my studio is a consequence of my strong faith, what I feel, and what flows from my heart as I paint. I really adore the word 'heartwork' - apart from the slight reference to my surname, I think this word captures what I do perfectly. My art, though, is not perfect. Nor is it meant to be.


My favourite tools are my palette knives and with them I paint unique pieces that allow you to draw your own story; to finish the train of thought, to feel the emotion, to remember that special moment it takes you straight to. Imperfectly perfect pieces that are relatable and evoke a sense of calm...and force you to exhale.

Apart from here, my work can be found for sale at my online galleries; Bluethumb and Art Lovers Australia, and in store and online at Rose St Trading Co and R2 Designs in Melbourne.

I have been fortunate to gather collectors from all over the world, have had my work featured in Grand Designs Australia magazine, and welcome commissions - contact me to discuss.

I'm so grateful you've found me here and I hope you find something you'll want to give a forever home to.

- Sharon 



Hi there and welcome! I'm Sharon Rynehart. Yes, ART is actually the last part of my surname! I'm based in Canberra, Australia, not far from the South Coast which is my all time most favourite place to be. Redhead, but far from fiery...I'm actually quite shy, and prefer to be the peacemaker. Art has become my therapy in recent times but I've always been creative; I majored in Art and Design at school and thought I'd be a Fashion Designer upon leaving. Instead, I worked for an Architect who was colour blind and I ended up as an Interior Designer and Colour Consultant! I had studied Colour and Art History as part of my Interior Design training but at that time I was only picking up a brush to create some pieces for my own walls.

Fast forward to a few years ago when a neck and shoulder condition debilitated me for many months and I was encouraged through physiotherapy to pick up a brush again to help regain movement. I started posting the art on my social media, people started asking to buy them, and well, here I am! I'm no longer working as an Interior Designer and have a studio set up at home, which I wander in and out of most days amongst the busy life of being mum to 2 beautiful young adult girls, and my most precious boy who has Autism.


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