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The Way Forward
  • The Way Forward


    33 x 33 x 5.5 cm

    Framed in Oak

    Acrylic on Stretched 500gsm Linen

    Satin Varnished



    Sometimes it's hard to find the way forward. To know which direction to take. Life can be stressful, messy, busy, hard, painful. In those moments the way forward is often distorted...hard to see. I find clarity and direction easier to find when I force myself into a time out, taking time for me to ‘just be’. And  I do that best at the coast.


    Even the drive there, through pretty countryside, gives time of reflection. In those moments I can filter out the 'noise'. As the lush scenery passes by I can feel the tension in my body shifting, my racing thoughts slow to a steadier rhythm...I am calmer...and as the coast approaches in the distance, the way forward slowly becomes clearer. This expressive landscape with a hint of the ocean on the horizon, is inspired by those moments. I hope you love it like I do.


    NB: While every effort is made to capture the true colours and details of my artwork, every screen is different and art viewed online does not do my work justice. Slight differences may be evident between a screen image and the true tone of my work which is more vivid and beautiful in reality. Scale may also be slightly off due to the insitu art app used, so please ensure you measure your space. Thank you! 

    • Please get in touch via the Contact form for a shipping quote to your country. Checkout does not allow for International Buyers. I will send you an Invoice including shipping if you'd like to purchase an artwork. Thank you.

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