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Spring Fling
  • Spring Fling

    $490.00 Regular Price
    $420.00Sale Price

    43 x 43 x 4.5 cm

    Acrylic on Artist Quality Stretched Canvas

    Framed in Oak

    Satin Varnished and with COA


    A looser style botanical inspired by the gusty Springtime breezes that fling new blooms and foliage about. Those winds can get pretty fierce! It amazes me though; how some petals and blooms seem so fragile and delicate yet withstand the gusts and stay steadfast to their stems and branches, whilst others that seem more hardy are the ones detached and tossed about. I'm reminded that we too can be like that; some of us that appear to have it all together are the ones who could be hurting the most, whilst others that appear frail and weak are often the more resilient, strongest in determination…and most grounded.

    This pretty, textured abstract botanical created with palette knives is framed in a thinner profile solid oak frame - 4.5 cm, opposed to my standard 5.5 cm.


    NB: While every effort is made to capture the true colours and details of my artwork, every screen is different and art viewed online does not do my work justice. Slight differences may be evident between a screen image and the true tone of my work which is more vivid and beautiful in reality. Scale may also be slightly off due to the insitu art app used, so please ensure you measure your space. Thank you!

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