Let Me Rest
  • Let Me Rest

    $220.00 Regular Price
    $200.00Sale Price


    20 x 20 x 4 cm Unframed

    23.5 x 23.5 x 5.5 cmFramed

    Acrylic on Artist Quality Cotton Canvas

    Satin Varnished



    When you can't see past the 'crazy' of life. The struggles, sufferings, frustrations, and hurt. When walls feel like they're closing in. You're slowing sinking in sand, or trying to keep your head above water. Tried and tested. Exhausted. Take me here.

    Where the waves give way to slow meanderings of calm, tranquil inlets and coves. Under a marshmallow cloud dotted blue sky. Shaded under pretty trees. A gentle warm breeze across the skin. Let me rest. Here. In this place of soothing quiet.


    This emotive little land/sea/tree scape embodies all of these thoughts. I hope it inspires you to pause for a moment, and find rest too.


    Choose from Oak, Ash or White Timber frame.


    NB: While every effort is made to capture the true colours and details of my artwork, every screen is different and art viewed online does not do my work justice. Slight differences may be evident between a screen image and the true tone of my work which is more vivid and beautiful in reality. Scale may also be slightly off due to the insitu art app used, so please ensure you measure your space. Thank you!