Blue Skies Ahead
  • Blue Skies Ahead



    64 x 64 x 5.5 cm

    Framed in Oak

    Acrylic on Stretched Cotton Canvas

    Satin Varnished



    The term 'blue skies ahead' implies better, brighter, happier, carefree days...


    This pretty seascape is an expressive interpretation of that term; reminiscent of the brisk breeze that picks up and sweeps across a shoreline at dusk. The breeze always picks up in afternoons at the coast, stirring up the calm bays and inlets that meander through headlands. Wandering the shore, or watching from grassy banks, I imagine the breeze carrying away all my heartaches, cares and struggles too. As the sun starts to sink, the warmth gives way to cooler fresh air that leaves me feeling refreshed, renewed -  hopeful - for better, brighter blue sky days ahead.


    NB: While every effort is made to capture the true colours and details of my artwork, every screen is different and art viewed online does not do my work justice. Slight differences may be evident between a screen image and the true tone of my work which is more vivid and beautiful in reality. Scale may also be slightly off due to the insitu art app used, so please ensure you measure your space. Thank you!