After the Rain is Where Rainbows Begin
  • After the Rain is Where Rainbows Begin


    64 x 79 x 5.5 cm

    Framed in Solid Oak

    Acrylic on Artist Quality Cotton Canvas

    Satin Varnished and with COA


    Did you know that after the rain is where rainbows begin? True! Rainbows can't form without water droplets in the atmosphere. They come to life by the refraction and dispersion of the sun's light by rain. So rain has to happen first. Then the sun's rays go to work to create the beautiful array of colours we know as a rainbow...which to me, is a symbol of hope. 


    I can't help but draw a parallel to life. I've learnt in recent times that in order to appreciate beauty and find hope, we first have to experience the rain; the dark days. Going through those darker days  - those storms - allows us to fully appreciate more the beauty and hope that comes afterwards. The light shines brighter when we've had darker days to compare it to. 


    This emotive land/sea/skyscape was inspired by my thoughts after a recent visit to the coast, where off in the distance over the headlands, grey, cool clouds and rain were giving way to the beginnings of a rainbow. The light became warm and cast it's beautiful rays across the sky and on the earth below. The headlands were lush with the rain that had just fallen, and the grey ocean was restored to it's intended aqua blue.  A timely reminder of hope and inspiration for me...and now one that I hope will inspire you too. 


    NB: While every effort is made to capture the true colours and details of my artwork, every screen is different and art viewed online does not do my work justice. Slight differences may be evident between a screen image and the true tone of my work which is more vivid and beautiful in reality. Scale may also be slightly off due to the insitu art app used, so please ensure you measure your space. Thank you!